Data/Analytics-Driven PR Is The Answer To Industry’s Measurement & Value Challenge

Early this decade, the words big data and analytics entered the PR industry’s lexicon and quickly rose to become buzzwords that one could not escape at every industry forum or the focus of thought leadership content.
Measurement, on the other hand has been on the industry radar for very long, and despite the Barcelona Principles (AMEC), consensus on measurement metrics that work, and can be deployed on the ground quickly without major investments, still eludes the industry. A clear validation is the widespread use of AVE or more qualitative forms of it by many firms still, across markets. The challenge or issue is not that firms or its senior executives are not open to other measurement metrics or processes, but the lack of universal acceptance and ease of deployment is what is deterring most from attempting beyond AVE unless the client forces it. Not to mention the impact on the ability of the PR firms/industry to command attention at the highest levels of management in corporates and organizations across the world due to the inability to showcase the outcomes/results (versus output that all of us do). In this article, I would like to put forth reasons on how data/analytics driven PR will not only help us address the measurement challenge, but also how it can aid in our pursuit of getting a seat at the top (value challenge).
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