Entrepreneurship as a career option comes into its own

While the financial success and leadership position of Narayana Murthy and many others of his ilk from the technology industry is widely talked about there is one more far-reaching impact they have had which is not that equally hyped. Pre-their success, entreprenuership in the business context was primarily a family bastion and the reserve of springs and offsprings of existing businessmen and traders.

The professionals and professional managers were conditioned to believe that their wont is to do a job and do it well and being the ultimate master of their own destiny is not an option at all.

The success of Infosys and HCL among others finally helped break this huge thought and mindset barrier. It showed how professionals and professional managers with little capital and either a great idea or a good business model can go about building business empires out of scratch.  Their phenomenal success and the wealth they created inspired many professionals to leave their cushy, well-paid jobs to strike out on their own. Another fallout of this visible success has been the change it created amongst middle class families who were for the first time willing to accept an option beyond assigned desks and salaries. This is equally important and crucial because in the Indian social context the family has a large role in influencing choices and if it still continued with its old mindset many an entrepreneurship dream would have not seen the light of the day. These twin changes which took shape in the late 90’s is today fairly mature and evolved one which makes entrepreneurship as an option for professionals of any hue and any age.

Having captured the emergence of it as a career option, let us look at who is suited for making most of this career option. For ease and clarity, have tried to make it like a set of questions (fairly rudimentary but nevertheless a good starting point) with brief comments to help. Do ask these questions intensely and answer truly and sincerely:
Are you a risk-taker? (if  answer is a emphatic no or even a confused yes, think again)

Can you be decisive and at the same time equally delegate? (While being indecisive is a recipe for disaster so is trying to be everywhere and do everything)

Are you passionate? (this essentially means checking whether you are driven and would push yourself beyond for what you believe in?)

Is your tolerance level high or low? (being on your own is often a huge ride with its own highs and lows. Hence are you prepared to ride out the lows with minimal impact or you would break with every low?)
Can you articulate a vision and make people buy it as their own? (It is more than mere effective communication. It is about your ability to live and breathe something, have a clear imagery of that something and being able to tirelessly and consistently say it in multiple situations and formats)
Are you someone who will stick his neck out? (because making something out of an opportunity really means the ability to stick your neck out and doing so swiftly and decisively)
What are the motivators for you to strike out on your own? (the biggest benefits of entreprenuership is the opportunity of building something of your own, independence, freedom and wealth creation. If these are not your motivators well, think again.)

Do you have liabilities?
Do you strongly believe in your idea or model? (let us say you have answered positively to all the above questions, now the next question that begs answer is there a market for what you are thinking of or have come up with and is it sustainable? If yes, belief is strong and rooted)
Is there a skill or in-built characteristics of yours that is relevant to the demands of the type of business you are setting out to build?  (this is a synergy that will come in good stead while running the business)

Armed with an yes and doodles of positivism straddle out and strike out on your own. In today’s globalized era, opportunities are aplenty. You just need to strike out your territory.

All the very best!!!!!

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