Is your ultra-successful strategy working better for the competing brand?

It was a morning meeting at The Paul, one of those charming, hip bakery-cum-coffee shops in central London this Friday with someone who is among the most active angel investors in the Indian start-up ecosystem. Ofcourse the conversation veered to Indian elections and something that the person said in the course of the conversation casually, […]

The way to healthy business is to turn down some of your customers

Thought the headline was an editing mistake that someone allowed to slip through. Not really. As the economy grows and demand rises across sectors, there is inevitable growth that every organization irrespective of its size witnesses. With growth come new customers of all kinds, hues, sizes, expectations, requirements, work processes and quirks.

Winning in the marketplace – few tips -2


In the last article we spoke about broad outline of how to differentiate between employees and co-owners and some broad outline of what can be done to motivate and retain them.