Is your ultra-successful strategy working better for the competing brand?

It was a morning meeting at The Paul, one of those charming, hip bakery-cum-coffee shops in central London this Friday with someone who is among the most active angel investors in the Indian start-up ecosystem. Ofcourse the conversation veered to Indian elections and something that the person said in the course of the conversation casually, […]

“Bottom of the pyramid” is a misonomer

Well, if the headline made you think and assume the tone of the article to be otherwise, it has served its purpose. Coming to the focus of the article, would like to put forth my views on why “Bottom of the pyramid” should be top on the priority list not just for businesses of all hues and sizes irrespective of where they are based and operate.

All entrepreneurship is truly global in some sense

Running a beach resort in the Caribbean – is your entrepreneurship local or global? Well, my premise and strong conviction is that at some level and in some sense all entrepreneurship however local is truly global. Sounds surprising, here is why I believe so strongly: Increased globalization and a truly flat world means no business […]

The big shift towards non-linearity in communication presents a lifetime opportunity for the Indian PR industry

Listening to the various presentations made at the recent ICCO Global Summit and also while perusing recent media reports about separate tracking service for blogs launched by a global leader in PR, one key insight stuck me.