The way to healthy business is to turn down some of your customers

Thought the headline was an editing mistake that someone allowed to slip through. Not really. As the economy grows and demand rises across sectors, there is inevitable growth that every organization irrespective of its size witnesses. With growth come new customers of all kinds, hues, sizes, expectations, requirements, work processes and quirks.

Marketing of the yore is truly dead

It is something that traditional marketers may not like to hear. The way marketing currently works and is delivered will have to take a U turn to be even relevant. All that and more insights emerged in a PRHUB interaction with Arun Sinha, winner of AMA Marketer of the Year in 2005 and currently the Head of Global Marketing at Pitney Bowes Inc., USA, a Fortune 500 firm.

Looking for a proven way to build a credible brand? The answer lies within

Over the past few years the Indian economy has seen a visible and substantial shift towards the services sector with its growth outstripping the manufacturing sector by leaps and bounds. In any services business irrespective of its nature and its target audience, the critical factor to success lies in the commitment and quality of people inside.