Integrated communications is the way to go – agreed; But hang on, the similarity just ends there

As an industry insider and like most professionals am happy with the prominence accorded to integrated communications as a concept and it being touted as the next big thing. However, of late that happiness is giving way to wariness of the lopsided manner in which many in the industry are projecting or communicating it to be. Before I try to focus on what truly is 360’ etc. let me get one thing straight:

Entrepreneurship as a career option comes into its own

While the financial success and leadership position of Narayana Murthy and many others of his ilk from the technology industry is widely talked about there is one more far-reaching impact they have had which is not that equally hyped. Pre-their success, entreprenuership in the business context was primarily a family bastion and the reserve of springs and offsprings of existing businessmen and traders.

Oh, we love those inspirational tales!

Since I do the speaker circuit a bit and speak to variety of audiences have been through the “trying to make an impact and get as many claps as possible over the previous and next speaker” routine. And later bask in the glory (short lived one I must say) of having people walk up to you ask questions or exchange pleasantries. The more I do it, the more it seems to me that we love inspirational tales, talks and books so much that we stop with just loving them.

All entrepreneurship is truly global in some sense

Running a beach resort in the Caribbean – is your entrepreneurship local or global? Well, my premise and strong conviction is that at some level and in some sense all entrepreneurship however local is truly global. Sounds surprising, here is why I believe so strongly: Increased globalization and a truly flat world means no business […]